A battery storage system is the perfect partner for your solar PV system. Solar energy from PV panels is generated during the daytime. What about the evenings? By installing a battery system, all of the energy generated by your solar is stored. Ready to use as and when you need it.

As with designing a PV system, the right solution for you is dictated by your individual needs. For example, a domestic home may use lots of energy in the evenings, but very little in the daytime where as a business may use lots during the day but nothing at night and on weekends.

Household Energy Consumption

Household Energy Consumption

Our trained battery specialists will take a detailed look at both your energy usage and your usage patterns. By working through your requirements in more detail together we will design a bespoke solution which is the very best match to how you would like to make best use of your solar system.

When choosing a battery storage system, you have more choice than simply installing a battery to store electricity, but you can store as heat instead.

Heating Battery Storage

People focus on electrical batteries when looking at storage for the home; when actually, electricity makes up only 17% on the energy that we use. Whereas it is up to 42% is consumed in heat.

Sunamp award winning heat battery is the most compact thermal storage technology available. It saves space in your home, delivers cascades of hot water and provides highly responsive space heating. This solution integrated with your existing heating system.

Sunamp Heat Batteries can also substitute for a standard hot water tank by working with existing boilers or even mains electricity. This opens up new opportunities to save energy and cost.

Click here to download Sunamp Heat Battery Brochure.

Electrical Battery Storage

When choosing to install a battery storage system which directly stores the energy from solar as electricity, you have a number of options. Before choosing the manufacture, it is best to look at your usage patterns and calculate the solar generation your system is capable of.

sonnenBatterie eco

sonnenBatterie eco

Most solar batteries for home storage are made from Lithium Iron, and can be sized in multiples of 2kW right the way up to very large industrial scale batteries. They will be guaranteed for around 10,000 cycles and come with a 10 year warrantee.

How the sonnenBatterie grants you independence

How the sonnenBatterie grants you independence

One of our preferred manufacturers is the award winning, global leader in intelligent home storage systems, Sonnen. Click here to download sonnenBatterie Brochure

Monitor your energy generation, storage, and consumption by installing a wireless harvi. Click here to download the harvi datasheet.