New-Build Installation

If you looking to install solar at the point of brand new build or which is being the options for installation methods increase. Whilst all of the methods described in retro-fit are still available and commonly used.  With the vast array of in-roof and integrated systems available, if you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing finish and a more holistic approach to integrating solar into a building, then the following are well worth considering.

Specific (In-roof Framing)

As a roof is being constructed, once felt and batons have been completed by a specialist contractor. There is a window of opportunity to mount & fasten framing directly to the batons. Standard glass solar panels are then directly installed into the frames. Once the desired numbers of solar panels have been installed, the roofing contractor returns to the roof and continues to fit chosen roofing tiles in all areas which are not solarized.

The benefit of opting for an in-roof solution is that unlike retro-fit which requires a wind-gap on the underside of the frames, resulting in a 200mm protrusion from the roofline. An in-roof installs the panels into the roof; in some cases, this provides an almost flush-to-the-roof finish, similar to that of a skylight.

Viridian Clearline Fusion

Click here for Clearline Fusion datasheet

Romag Roof Integrated

Romag logo
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Solar Century Sunstation

Solar Century Sunstation

Solar Century logo
Click here for Solar Century Sunstation datasheet

Advanced (Integrated Solar Panel)

Building integrated solar PV is the next step to full integration, as with the in-roof solutions these provide a more subtle finish. These allow more design freedom as you can configure the solar in landscape formation, running along the lines of an existing tiled roof.

Solar Century C21e

Click here for Solar Century C21e datasheet
Romag Intecto

Romag Intecto

Click here for Romag Intecto datasheet

Ultimate (True BIPV)

There are two exceptional BIPV solutions on the market, each one has been purpose designed as a direct replacement for either a standard concrete or slate roofing tile. Whilst the investment here is at the higher end of the market, the aesthetic finishes that are possible are unmatched.

These are the perfect solution when a development is of architectural significance, when there are planning considerations such as conservation areas, listed buildings and those of outstanding natural beauty or if the development design simply calls for the look of a traditional build, with the generation of solar electricity.


Click here for GB-Sol PV Slate datasheet


  Click here for Ergosun roof tile datasheet