As the number of electrical vehicles on the road increases, installing electric vehicle charging points at your business or home becomes more of a necessity. There are a number of deciding factors when considering which powerpoints to have installed; such as power and connector type.

Here at Environment logic, our team can help you to choose the right option for both your personal car at home and the potential cars that might park at your business.

zappi EV Charger in Use

zappi EV Charger in Use

The three main types of EV charging are Slow, Fast and Rapid. These represent the power output, which directly determines the charging speeds which are available to the driver.

Rapid Chargers

Divided into two options; AC and DC. Rapid AC chargers are currently rated at 43kW whilst Rapid DC are typically 50kW. Within about 30 mins, either of these options will charge your electric car to about 80%.

You will find Rapid chargers are the type you will find most commonly in motorway service stations.

Fast Chargers

Manufactured to charge with a 7kW or 22kW power outputs. These will typically charge your car in around 4 hours. These are commonly found in car parks, supermarkets or shopping centres where your car might be parked for an hour or more.

Slow Chargers

At up to 3kW, these are suited to overnight charging. Typically taking between 6-10 hours for pure EV, or 2-4 for PHEV. The most common charging point installed at a domestic property, or hotel, where overnight charging is possible.

Speak to one of our technical team to talk about which charging point might be best for you. Also, be sure to ask them if you qualify for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme where you could benefit from up to 75% grant for the installation of the EV point at your home.

zappi EV Charger

zappi EV Charger

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