• Customer – Stephen Vydelingum
  • Location – Maidstone, Kent
  • Solar Solution – Solar Century, Sun-station + Diversion controller & I boost
  • System Size –  4.4kW
  • Approx. Yield – 4,749 kWh p.a.

Whilst in the process of building a two story extension above his garage, Stephen took the opportunity to re-roof the main house at the same time. Motivated to generated clean renewable energy but conscious of the aesthetic impact to their home; Environment Logic designed and installed the elegant sun station system from solar century.

Sunstation Domestic Installation

Sunstation Domestic Installation

Perfectly orientated, this busy working family’s new solar PV array would generate lots of surplus in the daytime. With two small children and heavy energy consumption in the evenings, Environment logic suggested diverting the surplus solar generation to contribute to the heating load.

By combining high performance solar PV modules and I boost, the Vydelingum family maximises the solar power generated from their home.

’We are delighted with our solar PV system. The finish is exactly what we were hoping for. The I boost helps to keep out heating bills down. Great service from Environment Logic and there installation team

– Stephen Vydelingum