Here at Environment Logic, we understand that there are many ways to integrate renewable energy systems when designing a new home or renovation. Whether you are generating solar energy to supply electricity, heat water for your shower or keep warm for space heating. 

By taking a Holistic whole-house approach to the energy demands of a property, we can design not only a single microgeneration system but bring together complementary technologies.

One of the most common ways to utilise the electric generated from your solar PV system is to integrate a battery storage system. By storing the energy generated during the day, the home can benefit from the energy at night.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Another common combination is to install solar PV and a battery, plus a solar thermal system and a heat store battery.

Whether you have oil or gas, or just looking to consume all of the energy your solar system generates; speak to our team. Our dedicated engineers are here to discuss and design how combining technologies will maximise your investment.